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The Week in Rap (5/7)

Posted by akre on 10th May 2010

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Easter Cards for Italy

Posted by akre on 3rd March 2010

In rooms 102 and 103, we’ve spent the last week using SumoPaint to create Easter cards for our pen pals in Italy. I’ve been slowly adding people’s art to their blog pages; I’m going to go ahead and make a single page to show off all of our cards in one spot. Easter Cards

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Playing with Sand

Posted by akre on 25th February 2010

If you’re in to making crazy artsy projects (or you’re just bored and you’re sitting in front of a computer), give this site a try: Clicking the mouse drops sand, ‘c’ changes the color, your left and right arrow keys toggle between the last few colors that you’ve chosen, and ‘e’ erases your screen. […]

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Creativity and school

Posted by akre on 3rd February 2010

What do you think? Do schools kill creativity?

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